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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Identify Cause you Ulcer Disease

This is a disease that affects many people either realize or unconsciously.

Acid reflux disease is a result of the failure of the esophagus sphincter muscle to function properly. Because of abnormal acid production, digestive processes are affected and causes burning sensations in the stomach, chest and even up to the esophagus.

Too low acid production causes the valve in the stomach not to open. So stomach acid tends to rise and make the throat feel hot. On the other hand, too much acid production can lead to the same case.

There are many factors that can cause acid reflux disease. One is the consumption of too much salt. In addition to drinking alcohol, caffeine and smoking can all increase the risk of acid reflux, it turns out salt can cause and worsen the disease.

This finding is consistent with research by researchers from Sweden. They found out from the lifestyle of people sampled, excessive consumption of table salt can increase the risk of acid reflux disease by 70%.

This is alarming because it is implied that excessive consumption of table salt is more dangerous than alcohol and caffeine. A related study conducted by Dr. Roshini Rajapaksa of New York University Medical Center proves the same results on the risk of too much consumption of table salt.

So many people are suffering from acid reflux disease and suffering the uncomfortable symptoms too painful. The main sign of acid reflux disease is persistent heartburn.

Heartburn is rare (experienced by most people) can not cause acid reflux problems, but if done three times a week this requires proper handling. In some cases, there are people who do not suffer from heartburn although they have acid reflux disease.

Ulcer is usually experienced after eating a heavy meal or when bending or lying down. Symptoms include a burning sensation that comes from the upper abdomen and to the back of the breastbone. Then started to feel a burning sensation in the chest. Over time, the pain spreads to the esophagus so that you have a sour taste in your mouth. The pain spread across the back of the body so that you become uneasy and unable to do anything.

Some of the other signs of acid reflux disease is a common hoarseness especially in the morning, it's hard to swallow, the choke where the food is stuck in the throat, constant dry cough that occurs with unknown cause and bad breath. These are just some of the symptoms caused by a person with acid reflux disease that can be realized alone.

However, these symptoms can be treated depending on the frequency of occurrence and the degree of pain experienced. Particularly, heartburn may need greater attention because of the pain may be more severe. Further tests should be conducted to determine the source of disease and how far the damage that has been caused by the ulcer disease. Only a doctor can give you prescription medications that will reduce an acute ulcer disease.

Healthy habits such as proper diet and exercise should also be carried out in day-to-day activities so as to avoid the symptoms and cure acid reflux disease in total. And bad habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol and caffeine beverages should also be avoided or minimized. It is a natural way to deal with a variety of diseases.